Bread and Salt Potluck, September 2018!

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Join our national potluck starting September 7th!  Help spread the word about The Bread & Salt Between Us by cooking and sharing photos of your dishes from Mayada's book

 The Bread & Salt Between Us celebrates community and Syrian home cooking.  Net proceeds from the book go to the family of author Mayada Anjari and a fund that assists refugees living in the U.S (just one copy goes a long way!)

Whether you're organizing a group potluck or cooking at home, take photos and share your beautiful images on social media with hashtag #cookingwithmayada.

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Step 1

Plan what to cook! You can either pre-order a copy of The Bread and Salt Between Us, or head to the Recipes page for sample recipes from the book. We have a range of dishes that are vegetarian/vegan-friendly or gluten-free.

Step 2

Cook and take photos! We'd love to see photos of your finished dishes, table spreads, group photos at your potluck, images of your family or pets with your food, or anything else creative involving the book and recipes.

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Bread and Salt - Chicken with Potatoes, Cropped.jpg

Step 3

Share your images on social media and tag them with #cookingwithmayada!  The Bread & Salt Between Us is as much about community as it is about food, and all net proceeds from book sales will go towards author Mayada Anjari and a fund to assist other refugees who have recently resettled in the US. Many people around the country are currently wondering what they can do to assist refugees in need; one easy way is by cooking, sharing food with friends and family, and spreading the word.  

We'll collect images from around the country here at Join us in celebrating the beauty of Syrian home cooking!

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