Advance Praise

“A quietly powerful reflection on how food can bring families together, Mayada’s book honors the everyday rhythms of the immigrant experience. Fatayer, mulukhiyah, tabbouleh—these recipes show why Syrian cuisine should have a place at everyone’s table.”

—Marcus Samuelsson, co-owner of Red Rooster Harlem

“This is a book to cook from and to learn from, a beautiful invitation to engage with Syrian home cooking. In warm and graceful writing, Jennifer Sit sets forth Mayada Anjari’s very accessible recipes, cooking wisdom, and story of her family’s journey from Syria to the United States. Bravo!”

—Naomi Duguid, author of Taste of Persia: A Cook’s Travels Through Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Kurdistan

“As a wife, mother, and chef, I connected deeply to this beautiful book and the stories and recipes that came from a place of struggle and love. The Bread and Salt Between Us does a wonderful job paying tribute to Mayada’s heritage with recipes that we all want to eat! Mayada’s food is the kind that brings people together and has the power to heal.”

—Einat Admony, chef and owner of Balaboosta, Taïm, Bar Bolonat, and Kish-Kash

“Mayada’s story is one of an immigrant overcoming adversity through perseverance and her desire to build and connect with her community through her food. This is a cookbook that celebrates Syrian food and the kindness of the human heart.”

—Nik Sharma, founder of A Brown Table, columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle, and author of Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food

“This cookbook, of delicious home-style recipes and stories from Syria by a refugee woman, written with an Asian co-writer, with a foreword by a Spanish chef, carries in it a true spirit of America. America, the place people across the world come to for comfort, safety, a better future for their children. America, the place fueled by all the dreams and vital humanity of those people. I am grateful to Mayada, to Jennifer, to José, and to the community who took Mayada and her family in as their own. I am grateful for this book, and for our country.”

—Francis Lam, host of The Splendid Table

“This beautiful book testifies to the power of food to heal and connect. By cooking for others, Mayada keeps her family traditions intact; by sharing her recipes and stories, she communicates the centrality of food in Syrian culture. The Bread and Salt Between Us is both a delicious introduction to Syrian food and a moving portrait of resilience. It belongs in every library and kitchen.”

—Darra Goldstein, founding editor of Gastronomica

“How exciting it is to step into Mayada’s fragrant, enchanting kitchen in this special book, where we get an up-close and personal lesson in making her luscious Syrian recipes. Mayada is the kind of cook who inspires trust. She reflects the hospitable, generous soul of the Middle East, showing us that everything we make tastes better when shared with those we welcome to our tables. The inspiring journey of her family in this book is a story of strength, love, and hope—it is stirred beautifully into every recipe, and we are grateful for every taste.”

—Maureen Abood, blogger and author of Rose Water & Orange Blossoms: Fresh and Classic Recipes from My Lebanese Kitchen

“Mayada’s story and recipes take the reader on a delicious and intimate journey of food, traditions, and resilience. It’s a book that makes you feel you are right in the kitchen with her. The delicious Syrian food will have you rushing to the store to get cooking right away! Her story reminds us how family, food, and culture can bring us together.”

—Fany Gerson, chef, founder of La Newyorkina, and author of Mexican Ice Cream: Beloved Recipes and Stories

“When we share food, we create community. Some communities and foods are inaccessible to us because we may not share a common language—The Bread and Salt Between Us bridges this gap effortlessly. This book connects us with a Syrian family’s experience and cuisine, making the unfamiliar intimately familiar. The book does not shy away from teaching us some of the more elaborate recipes found in Syrian cuisine and, in doing so, gives us all a very meaningful seat at the table—a colorful, soulful, and inspiring table.”

—Homa Dashtaki, founder of White Moustache Yogurt

The Bread and Salt Between Us is a heartwarming book of captivating stories and delicious recipes that showcase the beauty of the human spirit.”

—Yasmin Khan, author of The Saffron Tales

“Mayada and her family have a beautiful story—it began in Syria before the war and it continues here in the US. Delicious food is clearly at the center of her family’s activities, and I’m grateful that Mayada is sharing her recipes. The Bread and Salt Between Us is a reminder, as Jennifer Sit writes, that everyday foods are a luxury that should not be taken for granted.”

—Klancy Miller, author of Cooking Solo

“I am so happy this book exists; it’s a master class of resilience, generosity, and empathy. It is an honor to have the opportunity to learn about Mayada and her family, and a joy to cook her vibrant, comforting recipes.”

—Sierra Tishgart, James Beard Award–winning journalist and former senior editor, Grub Street

“In our current political and cultural climate, it’s commendable to see someone using her passion for food to step beyond boundaries. Food has always been a conduit for a deeper understanding of other cultures, and Mayada shows a picture of love and warmth through her delicious recipes.”

—Jose Garces, chef and author of The Latin Road Home

The Bread and Salt Between Us is a powerful story of survival and reincarnation. Most importantly, the collective stories bind us all together through food and memories.”

—Vikas Khanna, chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author

“Mayada Anjari’s book is a beautiful testimony to the rich—and often overlooked—cultural contributions that displaced people bring to their country of adoption. More than just a collection of recipes, this book is a cultural artifact that celebrates the power of food to transcend the hardships of refugee life.”

—Pierre Thiam, chef and author of Senegal

“In her popular dinner series, Mayada feeds people from the heart, as any good chef does. And as millions of women new to this country have done for centuries, she feeds her own family by feeding others. In the beautiful The Bread and Salt Between Us, Mayada’s recipes tell her story of resilience and community. As you read and cook from these pages, Syria ceases being only horrific headline material, as some of its faces and lives are revealed through one family’s story. Mayada’s personal way of sharing food may just help change the future of our industry.”

—Rebecca Charles, chef and owner of Pearl Oyster Bar NYC, Pearl Kennebunk Beach, and Spat Oyster Cellar, Maine

“I always hoped to make it to Syria, to see Palmyra and the famous souk in Aleppo, and best of all, to taste the food. Thanks to Mayada, I get to cook the legendarily delicious food myself, right at home. This book holds a beautiful and evocative story, and by buying a copy you’re supporting Mayada’s family and an organization committed to helping many more.”

—Sara Jenkins, chef and owner of Nina June and Porsena